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Abundance Of Activities – 15 Jan to 21 Feb 2016

Abundance Of Activities – 15 Jan to 21 Feb 2016

The Lunar New Year is around the corner & AMK Hub is all set to usher it in with much fanfare with an abundance of activities!

  • Lunar Goodies Fair

    25 January 2016 - 06 February 2016

    Complete your Lunar New Year preparation with a scrumptious array of delicious goodies! Baker's Oven . Banana Chips . Bengawan Solo . Cat & The Fiddle . Fragrance . Gin...

    Lunar Goodies Fair
  • Spectacular Zodiac Lanterns

    15 January 2016 - 21 February 2016

    Be greeted by 12 larger-than-life Chinese zodiac animals & don't forget to check out your zodiac forecast for 2016 too! Venue: L1 Main Entrance   

    Spectacular Zodiac Lanterns
  • Lion Dance Blessings

    12 February 2016 - 12 February 2016

    Join us for a roaring good start to the Lunar New Year with a spectacular performance from the award-winning Wen Yang Lion Dance Troupe to bring good fortune to everyone present, and...

    Lion Dance Blessings
  • Joyful Greetings

    30 January 2016 - 14 February 2016

    Catch our Gods of Fortune dishing out auspicious treats and move together with our mini lions as they groove to the beats! You can also bring a piece of prosperity home with...

    Joyful Greetings