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CNY Events – 16 Jan to 1 Mar 2015

CNY Events – 16 Jan to 1 Mar 2015

  • A Delicious Celebration Fair

    02 February 2015 - 17 February 2015

    B1 Exhibition Hall A scrumptious Lunar New Year awaits you at AMK Hub! Join us to find all the festive goodies and decorative items you need to make your celebration...

    A Delicious Celebration Fair
  • A Roaring Good Start

    27 February 2015 - 27 February 2015

    11am L1 Plaza Entrance (Near Subway) Enjoy a spectacular performance from the award-winning Wen Yang Lion Dance Troupe!

    A Roaring Good Start
  • A Joyous Celebration

    24 January 2015 - 22 February 2015

    Sat & Sun In-mall Groovy Tomatoes, 1pm Let the Tomato Juniors bring you joy and entertainment as they groov to happy Lunar New Year tunes!   Hip-Hop Lions, 4pm The...

    A Joyous Celebration
  • Good Fortune Blessings

    26 February 2015 - 01 March 2015

    1pm, 4pm & 7pm Receive gold coins from the God of Fortune for good luck!

    Good Fortune Blessings
  • Spring of Fortune

    16 January 2015 - 01 March 2015

    L1 Main Entrance Be mesmerized by the beautiful floral display as you read about your 2015 fortune on an elegant rotating Chinese lantern. What’s more, take the opportunity to dress...

    Spring of Fortune